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At the LINK lab, we are exploring techniques and mechanisms to improve efficiency, performance, fault-tolerance, security and other functionality of wireless networks. Using agile and reconfigurable wireless devices, we seek to monitor, manage and protect wireless networks through efficient centralized functions as well as intelligent local actions of individual nodes.

We thank the generous support of a number of funding agencies and industry partners. Our sponsors include National Science Foundation, University of California, Huawei, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung. 

Some Ongoing Projects  

  • Winter 2012: NDSS’13 accepted;
  • April 2012: Our paper on 3D beamforming for wireless data centers is accepted by SIGCOMM 2012.
  • April 2012: Gelato, a spectrum permit system to enforce dynamic spectrum access right, is accepted by Mobihoc 2012.
  • March 2012: Our ongoing project on building high-speed wireless connections for data centers has been covered by MIT Technology Review, ACM News, ExtremeTech and most recently New York Times. See also UCSB CS News.

Software Release: check out Papyrus and its USRP GNU Radio implementation. We have used papyrus to develop Jello (NSDI’10), a distributed spectrum sharing system to support demanding wireless media applications.

Recent Publications
For Prospective Students
We are always looking for dedicated, highly-motivated students to join our group.  We are looking for PhD, MS and Undergraduate students. If you are interested in our PhD program, before contacting me, please read the FAQ page.